Tokopedia – Database Administrator

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Database Administrator

Requirements :

  • Have excellent knowledge and experience in managing and monitoring database system PostgreSQL and/or MySQL (tuning, backup, recovery, scaling, design, troubleshoot, migration, alert system, etc).
  • Experience in managing one of this database system is preferable : Cockroach DB, Cassandra, Scylla DB, Redis, elasticsearch.
  • Familiar with cloud database such as RDS (AWS), CloudSQL (GCP), ApsaraDB (Aliyun).
  • Able to operate advance command on UNIX / LINUX operation system.
  • Have great responsibility toward task and job given to candidate.
  • Able to work in team environment.
  • Have good communication skill; able to deliver detailed information between team member and also to another team; able to take the knowledge (essence) from received information.
  • Able to communicate using English both verbally and in writing.
  • Always have initiative to make better work system and environment.
  • Able to act as a mentor for team member.


  • Maintain and monitor the usage, performance, integrity, and security of database servers that included in DBA responsibility.
  • Do a check response, root cause analyzing, tuning and troubleshooting when a problem is occurred or a performance degradation on database servers.
  • Do a routine assessment on database server performance and health check, and make a report based on evaluation result.
  • Do a maintenance or migration in order to improve database performance.
  • Support to provide data and/or access to database which is required for : audit, fraud investigation, bug fixing, reporting and other needs with approval from leaders of each related team. DBA lead / principal, and it security.
  • Build an alerting system to monitor database server activity and failure, cooperate with dedicated team who handle alerting system.
  • Build and setup various mechanism that support database needs and performance (e.g replication method, connection pulling, load balancer).
  • Develop, manage, and test backup and recovery plan.
  • Do a routine assessment on existing backup and recovery plan.
  • Do a research and/or poc of technology that can be implemented to improve existing database system.
  • Create and update a database inventory document.
  • Determine and enforce document database policies, procedures and standards.
  • Do a weekly report about his/her assignment to team lead.