PT Dwi Tunggal Putra [Full Time]

pt dwi tunggal putraPT. Dwi Tunggal Putra (DTP) was established in 1974 and commenced its business as a radio communication device supplier. With the acquisition of approved licensing from the Ministry of Communications & Informatics of Republic Indonesia in 2001, DTP subsequently became the first generation Network Access Point (NAP) company in Indonesia.

Jalan Embong Tanjung No.40 Surabaya 60271

VSAT Specialist

Level Pendidikan : Berpengalaman minimal 3 tahun

Jenjang Pendidikan : D3, S1

Jurusan : S1 Teknik Informatika, S1 Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak, S1 Sistem Informasi, S1 Teknik Telekomunikasi, D3 Teknik Telekomunikasi

Persyaratan Umum :

  • Male/ Female
  • Minimum Diploma Degree on telecommunication/ information technology
  • Having minimum 3 years experienced in IT company/ telecommunication company/ VSAT indutry
  • Understand and comprehend to the concept of satellite communication system (VSAT)
  • Understand and comprehend to the working system of VSAT equipment, modem, converter, BUC, SSPA, LNA, LNB.
  • Understand and comprehend to the topology of satellite communication, such as: TDMA, SCPC, MCPC
  • Able to conduct trouble shoot on HUB system and RF system
  • Able to work individually (minimum supervision or as a part of a team)
  • Fluent in english, both oral and written is an advantage