Asset & IT Support Officer [Midtrans] – Gojek [Full Time]

Established in 2010 as a motorcycle ride-hailing phone service in Indonesia, GOJEK has since evolved to provide on-demand transport and lifestyle services that move the city. Equipped with a social mission to improve the welfare and livelihoods of workers in various informal sectors, GOJEK partners say that since joining our platform, they have seen their earnings increase and have reached more customers through our app. They also have access to health and accident covers, financial services and insurance, as well as affordable automatic payments and many other benefits.
GOJEK now operates in over 50 cities across Southeast Asia, with more to follow in the coming years.

Asset & IT Support Officer

Level Pendidikan : 1-2 years experience/ Fresh graduates

Jenjang Pendidikan : –

Jurusan : Ideally an Information Technology graduate